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CloudComercio is Nigeria’s first indigenous cloud solutions company with expanding presence in other African countries leveraging on the unique business needs of Africa. The current global pandemic and the ever present need to cut business expenditure while improving operational efficiency to maximize revenue has brought about the need for a new and improved approach to work and also the technologies that can support this type of work model. Now more than ever there is need for companies to have infrastructures that support and optimize business continuity plans making it possible for employees to access company resources from different location.

With a diverse range of products and service, CloudComercio provides reliable services to businesses of all sizes across the globe, with services specifically tailored to various business needs, our goal at CloudComercio is to provide business with open, unified and trusted enterprise class cloud platform.

CloudComercio offer all the traditional benefits of cloud computing like elastic computing, scalability, reliability, colocation to mention a few, in addition to the following:

Cost Reduction – by adopting cloud services you save cost of up to 60% from purchase of major IT infrastructures and maintenance, IT personnel.

Data Security – Apart from similar enterprise level security adopted by all Cloud service providers, CloudComercio plans to add extra level of protection by integrating cloudeassurance which gives real time reports on cloud security and activities and darktrace which is an AI powered cybersecurity solution with zero record of being compromised.

Mobility – Cloud allows seamless mobile access to corporate data via smart phones and mobile devices, which ensure all employees have access to resources needed to work from anywhere they are.

Disaster Recovery – Cloud helps with data loss prevention as with on premise devices like servers and computers, they can be subjected to virus or malware attacks or even physical damage but if you upload your data to the cloud, it remains accessible to any computer with an internet connection even when your work device is compromised.

Data Localization/SovereigntyCloudComercio limited being a local cloud service provider help to keep in compliance with Data localization policies of CBN and NITDA which forbids the storing of sensitive business data on public clouds.

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