Comercio Limited

Cybersecurity Bootcamp

The global job market is evolving very fast. According to a recent report from Citrix, 82% of employees and 62% of HR directors said they believe that workers will need to reskill or upskill at least once a year to maintain a competitive advantage in a global job market and to keep up with trends that enable them provide value at their organization.  A key element in building success in any career lies in constantly learning and improving.

Comercio’s Cybersecurity Bootcamp is an amazing opportunity to add to your existing knowledge base. Curated with midlevel professionals mind, this program aims to equip participants with knowledge and skills based on our world class curriculum.

Facilitated by leading cybersecurity and cloud engineering experts, including Aderonke Thompson – named one of the top 50 women in cybersecurity – in partnership with Comercio Limited, the program promises to be impactful.

Our 2021 cohort had professionals from the financial sector, telecommunications industry, oil & gas and more with outstanding reviews from the bootcamp. It is fully virtual and immersive.

Themes to be treated include Network and Application Security, Risk Management, Threat Hunting, Vulnerability and patch management, and Cloud Security.

This bootcamp kicks off on July 1st 2022, so sign up today!