Cybersecurity is not just about technology, it’s about people. And that’s why effective cybersecurity training is essential for the protection of your business.

 At Comercio Limited, we understand the importance of educating your employees on how to safeguard your digital assets and minimize cyber risks.

Comercio Cyber Security

Our Mission is to eradicate the skill shortage in Africa and across the globe by empowering youths in the cyber security domain.

Comercio Cyber Security Community


Bi-monthly webinars on cybersecurity awareness ,
Cyber education and career guidance with focus on key trends in cybersecurity.


Workshops to showcase the Cyber Enthusiasts ideas. Great innovations from our Champions.

Cyber Security Training

Empowering youths to bridge the gap of shortage of the skill set in Africa and across the globe.
Facilitators from across the continent have supported this initiative in the past three years.

Tech Fairs

We have great Tech fairs every year showcasing our talents and also meeting new enthusiasts, coaches, mentors and mentees

Our Cyber Security Learning Hub

We currently have different cohorts of Cyber security enthusiasts who have graduated form our community

Cohort 1

Our young Cyber Security enthusiaists

Cohort 2

Students learning at a good pace.

Cyber Security Conference

A short introduction to your team members and why their background should inspire potential clients’ confidence.

Cyber Security Conference

@Four Points Hotel, V.I. Lagos


Participating at the 2019 International Conference in Lagos

Cyber Threat Seminar

Participants at the seminar

Comercio Limited Seminar

Comercio Limited in collaboration with Interswitch at a conference