ABC & Comercio Limited Cyber Hackathon 2023: Fostering Local Solutions to Cyberattacks in Nigeria

ABC & Comercio Limited Cyber Hackathon 2023: Fostering Local Solutions to Cyberattacks in Nigeria

The American Business Council Nigeria (ABC), Comercio Limited, in collaboration with other private sector partners, including Tek Experts, organized the annual Cyber Hackathon competition, which had previously been held virtually for two consecutive years, to drive discussions on innovation, upskilling, entrepreneurship, and mentorship in Africa’s cyberspace. The competition was conducted at TekExpert’s headquarters on Victoria Island in Lagos.

To reduce the significant risks of various cyber-attacks and dangers in Nigeria, the Cyber Hackathon also aims to raise awareness about cyber security in order to safeguard and support businesses in Nigeria, regardless of industry. “As cyber-attacks increase in both number and severity, with organizations lacking adequate prevention strategies, there’s a need to build a workforce proficient in recognizing potential cyber threats” stated Olusanya Olugbolahan, Country Manager.

Over the last five years, Tek Experts has employed over 2000 talents and trained over 5000 individuals in the IT sector through Elev8. This is a testament of our commitment to skill, upskill, and reskill talents in the Nigeria tech industry and we intend to expand in the coming years.” Commenting on the initiative, the CEO of American Business Council Nigeria, ABC, Margaret Olele, highlighted the organizations’ continued efforts to build capacity and innovation that will not only strengthen and sustain Africa’s cybersecurity ecosystem but also allow for competition on a global level.

“When we first launched this program three years ago, one of our main goals was to attract and grow cybersecurity experts, but starting from this year, we are keen on building solutions for the voiceless as we all work towards creating awareness on cyber security,” she said. She also expressed her gratitude to the co–organisers, Comercio Limited and the partners who made the first physical ABC Cyber Hackathon 2023 a reality –

Tek Experts, NATEP, Cisco, NaijaSecForce, and the United States Agency for International Development, USAID. Tek Experts, which is dedicated to providing high-quality, round-the-clock cybersecurity solutions to government entities and businesses in Nigeria and West Africa, previously announced the opening of its new Security Operations Centre (SOC) in Victoria Island, Lagos, as part of its cybersecurity business, Cytek.

In conclusion, the ABC Cyber Hackathon 2023 serves as a catalyst for driving discussions, innovation, and skill development in cybersecurity in Nigeria. By congregating various stakeholders, the event seeks to alleviate the cybersecurity challenges facing the country and stimulate the growth of a proficient and resilient workforce capable of defending businesses and individuals from cyber threats. Through collaboration, entrepreneurship, and mentorship, the hackathon aims to create a more secure digital environment in Nigeria. 

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